D-Day! All Smiles!

Today was the day! We’re officially married now! It’s been a long day. This will be a brief update.

Sunday, Monster was returned by the ex (amazingly enough. I think he understands just how much trouble he is in and doesn’t want to do this dance with me anymore.) shortly before 6pm. He seemed just fine. Except for the yeast infection. Which was absolutely not any better at all. It looks as though some of the steroid was used but not much. So I took pictures, as always, and have written it down.

Also noted the fact that he went the entire weekend without his hearing aids. My instructions specifically stated that his hearing aids must be used over the weekend. He’s used to them. Granted, he doesn’t always want to wear them, and that’s fine. But he does wear them for at least a few hours a day while he watches Signing Time DVDs or even just a couple of shows on TV. It’s all part of developing his speech. The only way that I know that they weren’t used is because (no matter how clean I think his ears are) there is always some wax down in his ear molds when they’re taken out. The batteries were still out of the aids and there was no wax.. whatsoever… I had just cleaned his ear molds. There should have been something if they were used at all. Nothing. This wouldn’t be a big deal if any of them KNEW SIGN LANGUAGE!!!!!! But with no hearing aids and no signing, he was stuck for an entire weekend with people that he could not communicate with who didn’t understand him at all. I’m so beyond sick of this. Time to go back to court.

Today has been wonderful. Short, courthouse wedding with Monster screaming the entire time we were saying our vows. And now a relaxing night at home. I think. Unless we just decide randomly to fight the traffic and go to Toys R Us. Which I’m thinking very seriously about doing.

For those of you who read and who pray, PLEASE do me a huge favor. The Hubby has a couple of very wonderful friends who are going through a very tough time right now. They had a baby 3 weeks ago who was premature. She was doing fine and then out of nowhere, started having all sorts of problems. She has been having seizures. The doctors can’t figure out what is wrong with her. The did a spinal tap yesterday to rule out meningitis but the results haven’t made it back yet (that we know of) and during the spinal tap, she had another seizure. Please pray that the doctors figure out what is wrong quickly and get her on the road to wellness! She is a miracle and we all believe that she has a long long life ahead of her. She just has to get well first. Her parents, as you can imagine, are terrified and so so worried. Keep this little family in your prayers. If you attend church, put them on your prayer lists. The Matthews family. This little girl is the only child they have and is their entire world. I’m sure a lot of you can understand. Thank you so so much!

Okay, time to attempt to dynamite the Husband out of his recliner and hit the road to somewhere. Shopping time! =) Until next time…

–Isabella has spoken..–


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I'm 24.. outgoing.. a mom.. engaged.. slightly goofy.. follow my blog and maybe you won't be disappointed..
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